Welcome by PAVO AG


The PAVO AG is an SME which was founded in the year 2016. We develop, produce and sell rubber suspension systems as a torsional flexible bearing, as a tensioner device for chain and belt drives, as screen mountings for oscillating systems, as rocker arms for shaking conveyor systems and as isolations- and damping mountings.

If do not fit our products from our standard line? Than we can produce customer-specific products. Please contact us at info@pavo.ch.


As a small team, we have since 1988 from previous activities, the experience in all business processes. All core processes are performed at our location in Switzerland.

With our own testing facilities, we can identify all relevant performance data. Our products "Made in Switzerland", together with our services, comply with the applicable provisions of the indication of origin Switzerland.


Our suppliers also have long, specific experience in the manufacture of semi-finished products. Thus, we ensure a competitive quality.


We carry a small standard range in stock, which we are continuously expanding to increase our delivery capacity. As well, we can offer products that complement our product range.


We try to bring our products into the market worldwide and so we are interested in partners for advice and sales abroad.

If you are interesred, please send an email to info@pavo.ch

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